Trading Desk

Securely Buy and Sell Large Amount of Bitcoin in Person at Our Convenient Office Locations

Over-The-Counter Trading Desk (OTC)

Safely conduct in-person buying and selling of sizable Bitcoin amount with cash at our conveniently situated office locations, ensuring same-day execution for transactions up to $25,000.

What are the Key Advantages of OTC Trading Desk Crypto Transactions?

  • Customized Solutions: OTC Trading Desks provide personalized services and tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of individual clients, such as executing large trades or facilitating complex transactions.
  • Price Efficiency: OTC trading Desk often results in better prices compared to using a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Access to Professional Support: OTC Trading desks often provide access to experienced traders and financial experts who can offer insights, guidance, and support throughout the trading process.

Who Can Profit from OTC Trading Desk Crypto Transactions?

Individuals desiring quick acquisition of large volumes of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, with in-person transactions of up to $25k in cash.

How to Purchase Crypto or Bitcoin using OTC Trading Desk?

New customers follow a streamlined three-step process for over-the-counter transactions, while returning customers undergo a simpler two-step process:

  • Step 1: New customers complete an Intake Form, providing essential personal and business details required for initiating the OTC crypto sell or purchase.

  • Step 2: Once approved, an OTC agent will contacts the customer to confirm identity and setup a Same Day In-Person Appointment to one of our Trading Desk office locations.

  • ​Step 3: Upon arrival, customers will review, consent to, and sign our Fee Consent Form. Once this step is completed, the cryptocurrency will be promptly sent directly to the customer’s crypto wallet address.

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