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Munn Wallet

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With a Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin was created to give individuals power and freedom over their money. Muun Wallet is a powerful tool that enables you to seize this opportunity. Download the Muun Wallet to send, receive, and save bitcoin. It’s free, open source, and decentralized.


Free to Use & Private

Muun Wallet makes it easy to get started. It’s free to use and doesn’t require any information to create a wallet. This keeps your personal data safe and private. Muun Wallet does not collect any information at any point in time and all your Bitcoin exist exclusively on your device.

Why Muun Wallet

We believe you should hold your own bitcoin. We know you have what it takes. Our wallet was crafted to enable you to participate in the future. To hold your own value and empower you to be a sovereign individual. Bitcoin wasn’t created to have to trust someone else to hold it for you. Having someone else hold your bitcoin removes all the properties that make it special. We reject the idea that users shouldn’t or aren’t capable of holding their own private keys. Users should use the Bitcoin network directly as it was always meant to be, without permission from third parties. Muun Wallet’s goal is to make holding your own bitcoin simple. We’ll always respect our users and put them first with every decision we make.